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  • Brado Club Disinfectant Spray Neutral
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The new Bond shaving foam is available now!
The Bond shaving foam is already very popular among our customers, so, encouraged by this, we decided to have three new fragrances. The high quality and good prices are the top priority for the new variants too, as our consumers well accustomed to these features. We have improved the exceptionally creamy foam, so we can guarantee a flawless product. It is easy to use, contains excellent components, which in addition to moisturizing, takes care of the skin gently and anti-inflammatory. We made sure to have the same aroma in producing the three new fragrances, so our loyal customers can ..
The jojoba oil
The jojoba oil is pressed from the seed of an evergreen shrub, which is native in the desert of Arizona and Mexico. The Indians had already known and used it thousands of years ago, however, the industry have just recently discovered its outstanding qualities, and use it more and more widely instead of the oil of sperm whale that is threatened with extinction. Actually, the jojoba oil is not an oil chemically, but a liquid wax that is built up by long-chain wax ester, its freezing point is at 7°C. This delicately fragrant, natively golden yellow oil resists to oxidation processes th..
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