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Sana products: Huge success in Hungary!
There is an incressing demand for foot care products among the population every year. It is very hard to find a product that has already proven its efficiency in other markets. You are in luck! Stop searching, because you can choose from 11 kinds of Sana foot care products! These products have proven in the Hungarian market! We are selling tens of thousands of the foot perspiration spray in a season! Sana products have shown a continuous growth since their introduction in 2011: the demand for the various Sana products have increased by 120%! ..
Nail polish remover smarties
Nail polish removers are permanent in beauty cases and bathroom shelves: we can find many types in the stores, but do we really know what is the difference between the acetone and acetone-free remover? Let us help you choose! Removers with acetone Advantages: Many believe that removers with acetone are from the devil, while fans quickly clean their nails: you can get rid of the remnants of nail polish by using acetone! The acetone removes the worn, broken varnish from our nails, and we know how is it, when one is already late! Disadvantages Ruthless. However, its degrea..
Antibacterial, fungicidal, virucidal chemicals - what are these and what are they good for?
The use of hand sanitisers has become really popular these days. These products become handy in situations where there is no oppportunity to wash our hands or we feel the need for a "stronger" hand-wash than usual. It has been proven, that those, who use disinfecting agents on a regular basis, suffer less from diarrhea, fever, cough or colds. But what do these products contain and why is it important to have them in a household? When and which product do we need? Pay attention to the labels and do not be afraid of the strange expressions! The antibacterial products, as the name already ..
The germs are attacking!
The autumn months are typically the period of bacteria. The demand for antibacterial products related to personal hygiens is exponentially increasing in this time of the year. Stock up on our high quality hygiene products! Bradolife antibacterial antiseptic family Effective protection against germs! Using the Bradolife family, you can take care of you and your family's hygiene in every moment of your life, either washing your hands at home or on the go. View Products!   Antibacterial Fruisse gels Perfect disinfection any time! Pleasant, youthful fragrance, excel..
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